Summer day by lake 

Ever wonder about how finns spend their summer days

On this all day experience you get the real feeling of finnish cottage life by a lake and find your inner finn. 

This is how it happens - 

Guide picks you up  and takes you to location. 

Get settled, enjoy your time out in the wild. Participate in warming up  sauna, jump into a lake and learn more about Finnish ways. Enjoy a meal and possibly pick up your own dessert or a part of your your meal from the forest. Get in touch with natureRelax or get active! 

You will have a professional guide with you at all times. 

What  you need to bring is

  • clothes to wear (we will help you and give more info)
  • bottle for drinking water (there will be clean water for you to drink on location) Extra snacks if you want to (lets discuss this in advance)
  • camera (to show off the photos to your friends when you return home)
  • your smile and open mind to experience amazing things
  • 149€ / person for us to cover the expenses (group of 2-6 persons) Notice - possible for one single person for the prize of 209€
  • Available  May-October (can be adjusted as winter experience - ask  for more)