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What is happening at Rovaniemi right now!? 

Polar nights are over for this winter. We are headed towards summer 2018! Sun is out!

It really feels like spring at Rovaniemi! And - we have plenty of SNOW!  It looks absolutely magical all over the city and in the forest.  Are you planning a trip  - Are you ready for the adventure you have always dreamed of!? We have lots of great summer activities at Rovaniemi! Our groups are small so you get the real feeling of Lapland by joining us - Check out now!

Meanwhile, take a look at our services at Rovaniemi while planning your trip to the land of the northern lights and midnight sun! Start planning your winter 2018- 2019 trip and let us make your dreams come true!

Book now by sending e-mail or Messenger note! There are many possibilities to choose from - something for everyone. Choose from categories "Summer", "All Year" and "Winter". Our groups are small. Check this out -  if you are travelling by yourself, we offer tours at Rovaniemi for one person as well. 

Our new addition to the tours is the Day Trip to Korouoma canyon. That is THE trip you want to take for sure!

We are getting ready for the coming SUP season! We'll be getting back to riverlife and paddling  as soon as possible - hopefully in May 2018 !

We are at your service all year around. 

Check this out!  With us, you don't need that big group to go on an adventure. Enjoy the feeling of a small group.


Are you interested in feeling better and  being less stressed? Are you tired of the city noise going on and on...? Do you want peace and quiet? Do you want to see the clear blue sky? Swim in clear Waters?  Be active?

We have a solution for you ! it's been studied that only 10 minutes spent in the forest can have a significant impact on your well being! A 30 minute walk in the forest decreases negative feelings such as stress, depression, anger, fatigue, anxiety and confusion and can improve cognitive skills. Think what a whole day can do for you!


We leave as small ecological footprint as possible while exploring the wilderness. Finns have a huge respect for their beautiful clean nature and we wish to leave it the same way for next generations to come. 

When we plan and execute our activities, our main priorities are at your safety, enjoyment and sustainability.

Take time off your usual routine and come experience nature with us! Our goal is to make your visit most enjoyable.


We provide several different guided tours at Rovaniemi area and different parts  of Lapland! 

NORTHERN LIGHTS  - AURORA BOREALIS - TOURS AVAILABLE September 2018 - April 2019!                   

When we say It can get very cold at wintertime, we really mean it, it can get down to -35 ...-40 degrees. That is COLDSo dress warm! Wear sturdy warm shoes. If you don't have your own warm clothes to wear, ask us for more. 

If it's mentioned in our activity, that a snack is provided, please let us know if you are a vegetarian or have allergies etc. 

Professional guide at your service   If you wish, we will be at your service throughout your visit in Lapland. Weather it's a cultural experience you seek for or if you like to explore the nature, it is our Joy to make it happen.  Ask for customized tours!

FI- Jos mietit mitä voit tehdä Rovaniemellä, varaa oma hauska seikkailusi tai pieni hetki luonnossa. Asutko täällä vakituisesti vai oletko työ- tai lomareissulla ?  Oletko järjestämässä synttäreitä tai polttareita? Mietitkö mitä kivaa Rovaniemellä voi tehdä työporukalla?  Haluatko tehdä jotakin arkirutiinista poikkeavaa? Haluatko voida paremmin? Jos vastasit KYLLÄ, ota yhteyttä!

VUOKRAA SUP-lauta tai lumikengät.  Osallistu valmiiksi suunniteltuihin luontoelämyksiin tai kysy aktiviteettia juuri sinun tarpeisiin. Tule yksin, perheen kanssa tai kaveriporukalla! Nähdään metsässä tai vesillä! 

Varaa lähettämällä sähköpostia tai ottamalla yhteyttä Visit Rovaniemeen.

Kotipaikkamme on Rovaniemi, mutta Lappi on laaja alue! Lähde meidän kanssame vaellukselle ja opi retkeilyn saloja Juuri Sinulle suunnitellulla yksilöllisellä seikkailullasi !

 Nyt talvella 2018 Rovaniemellä!  Meillä on lumikenkiä myös pienille lapsille. 

HOX! Saat vuokrapakettiin mukaan lumikengät lapselle kun vuokraat kaksi paria aikuisten kokoa.

 Vuokraa SUP lauta!

Kesäkausi 2017 oli HUIKEA!!!  Kiitos kaikille asiakkaille! SUP kausi 2018 pyörähtää käyntiin keväällä, heti kun joki sulaa. Vuokraamon toimintapaikka kesällä 2018 on vanha tuttu Ounaspaviljongin uimaranta. Tervetuloa!

Tuemme Suomen kansallispuistojen toimintaa ja teemme yhteistyötä Metsähallituksen kanssa !