Arctic Joy
Life at it's Best

Get Wild at Night 

Want to experience what it feels to be free, have some peace and quiet, forest, clean water? Is authenticity important to you? Want to do something really cool ? Get into the wild with us! 

On this aprx 22h experience you get into the real feeling of being free and real.

There are few choices for this unique experience from which You can choose the ones that attract you most.

This is how it happens

Guide picks you up in the afternoon and takes you to location. (Choose from 1/a-b OR 2/c-d)

1. wilderness cabin at a national park, with no running water - sleep in - a. cabin b. tent by the cabin 

2. Summerhouse by lake, with running water in the house - sleep in - c. house  d. tent by house

Get settled, enjoy your time out in the wild. Participate in warming up the sauna and learn more about Finnish ways. Enjoy a meal and possibly pick up your own dessert or a part of your your meal from the forest. Get in touch with nature

Stay over night and stay up all night if you feel like it. Sun will keep you company all night long. 

Enjoy breakfast and get a good start for an amazing day by taking a swim in the clean cool lakeRelax !

We will return back to civilization around noon.

You will have a professional guide with you at all times. 

What  you need to bring is

  • clothes to wear (we will help you and give more info)
  • bottle for drinking water (there will be clean water for you to drink on location) Extra snacks if you want to (lets discuss this in advance)
  • camera (to show off the photos to your friends when you return home)
  • your smile and open mind to experience amazing things
  • 199€ / person for us to cover the expenses (group of 2-6 persons) Notice - possible for one single person for the prize of 329€
  • Available  May-October (can be adjusted as winter experience - ask  for more)