Arctic Joy
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Amazing Auttiköngäs    aprx 6 hours (10-16)        

involves walking aprx. 5 km – (Medium challenge)   

If you love the outdoors and want to experience amazing views at the heart of a Finnish forest, this is for you!  

This activity will be on foot.  You will be walking by the amazing waterfalls and enjoying the beauty of the forest and Auttijoki river. Enjoy a snack by open fire, listen to the sounds of the forest.    

Guide will pick you up from your hotel. You will be driven outside the city center. (About an hour drive) The walk will be about 5 km. We recommend wearing warm sturdy shoes, fex. hiking shoes. Other than the car drive, you will be outside all the time. Be sure to wear warm clothes. Best way to dress for a hiking trip, is to wear many layers. Take an extra jacket with you to wear while  taking a break, sitting down etc.     

Includes a small snack by open fire  

Group min 1 person, max 8 persons    

   Price / person : Adults 105e          Children (under 14) 75e